Modules and Entry Level Charge Controllers

EP Solar MPPT Carge Controllers

MPPT CHarge Controllers

10 amp to 40 amp for your RV or Cabin

Trina Solar Modules

Trina 60 cell modules various wattages - great pricing

Highest Wattage High Efficiency LG

LG 400 watt Modules

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Many additional products, we will continue to update and upgrade our website. If you have a specific product you're looking for please inquire. We can save you money gaurenteed

AGM Batteries

Entry level Storage

Trojan U1 AGM 12 volt 33 amp hour Sealed AGM battery

Mid range Storage

Matrix Infinity C 12 volt 100 amp hour battery

Serious Storage

 Matrix Infinity 6 volt, 440 amp 20 hour AGM Battery

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