Solar is an investment in your present and future

Pricing is getting better all the time

We've seen a 25% drop in high efficiency panels since last year so you can reap the benefit of solar power in Calgary and Invermere, Columbia and Kootenay Valley

Increase your Property Value

If you consider your home an investment, consider this...

Installing solar can increase your home's value by up to 4%, that's a $17,200 increase in value for the average home in Calgary!

What it boils down to is this... Research shows that solar increases your homes value by $3 to $5 per watt - The cost of a new system installation is $2.50 or less per watt. Considering the estimation is that your home will sell 20% faster with solar on it it's an incredible investment.

No matter where you live it will enhance and elevate your property value.

Go with the Professionals

Solar Country Energy Ltd. is a Licensed and Bonded Company that employs certified electricians and technicians to install your project. We are always improving ourselves by training our employees and keeping ourselves current with the changing methodology and technology within our industry.

Our focus on Quality and Value added systems keeps us viable and gives you state of the art. Our competitive pricing has sparked interest and people are using our services to lock in their electricity cost.